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Two Common Concerns About Using A Fence To Keep Your Dog Safe

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Keeping your dog safe is likely a major concern that you have. Yet it can be difficult for individuals to understand their options when it comes to dog fencing. In order to help you make wise choices for keeping your dog safely confined to your property, you might need to improve your knowledge about pet fencing. Here are some things you may be wondering about.

Are Invisible Dog Fences Effective?

There are some individuals that may not want a visible fence on their property. As a result, these individuals may be inclined towards installing an invisible fence. These fences utilize a wireless receiver on the dog's collar as well as a buried cable that will activate the collar. While it is activated, the collar will administer a powerful jolt of electricity to the dog, which will help to discourage them from leaving the property.

While these fences can be an effective solution, there are some dogs that may develop a tolerance to the shock from the collar. Once this happens, they will be able to leave the property on a regular basis. Unfortunately, you may not realize that your dog is regularly leaving your yard until a tragic accident occurs. For this reason, a traditional wood or metal fence may be the most secure option.

What Can Be Done About A Dog That Climbs Over The Fence Or Digs Under It?

Traditional fencing can be extremely effective at preventing your dog from leaving the property, but it can be possible for dogs to still find a way through the fence. Often, this will be due to the dog learning to climb over the fence or to dig under it.

If you are finding that your dog is climbing or jumping over the fence, you will need to install an overhang around the perimeter of the fence. In situations where the dog is digging under the fence, you may need to add a buried barrier. These barriers will be installed just below the surface of the soil, and they will block the dog from being able to dig under the fence.

For those that are struggling to effectively keep their dog contained to their property, it is important to understand the risks that this can present to your dog. By appreciating the fact that an invisible dog fence may not always be the most effective option as well as the steps that can be taken to stop a dog from climbing over or digging under the fence, you will be better able to keep your pet safely and comfortably confined to the safety of your property.