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Want to Expand Your Fence Around a New Shed? Strategize With a Fencing Contractor Beforehand

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When you purchased your home, you may have acquired a considerable amount of land. A lot of the backyard may have been fenced in, but enclosing it all may not have been a realistic option for the previous owners. If you started to run out space in your home and needed a long-term storage solution, you may have built a backyard shed. Putting the shed behind the fence may have helped you avoid creating a cluttered backyard, but you should finish this off by hiring a fencing contractor to expand the current fence to protect the shed.

Inspect Your Fence's Condition

Before you start working on the new fencing project, you should have the professionals look at your current setup. It is important to know the fence's current condition to avoid certain problems. You do not want to invest in a brand new fence, only to replace it in just a year or two. The fence may also need pressure washing service to get a better idea of its overall condition. Afterward, you may find out that the fencing has minimal wear and tear and should last a long time with proper care.

Match the Remaining Lifespan

It is ideal to ask the fencing contractor how long they believe the old fencing will last. Since there are so many different material types and wood species that you can use for building a fence, you may want to match the old fencing to avoid having to replace both fences down the line at different times.  If the fence has two decades left, you can pick wood that should last this long with excellent care. If the color is off, you can have the fencing contractor pick a wood stain that will get the coloring as close as possible.

Build Taller Than the Shed

With the intention to protect the shed from burglary, you want to think about this during installation. It is an excellent idea to plan for the fence to be taller than the shed itself. This will make it more difficult for someone to determine whether there is a shed in your backyard. Hiding your shed's existence from outside your property will prevent it from becoming a potential target to thieves who are looking for an opportunity. 

Working with a fencing contractor at companies such as Hahn-AA Fencing will help you build a fence that protects your storage shed well.