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Wooden Fencing Is Far From Outdated: A Look At Its Benefits

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With so many new fencing materials on the market, you might assume traditional materials like wood are outdated. But sometimes, you're actually better off sticking with the classics! Wood fencing still offers a number of benefits for homeowners. Here's a look.

It's all-natural and good for the environment.

Manufactured, synthetic materials are not always best for the earth. They're often made, at least in part, from petroleum products, which are finite resources. When you're done with the fence, it will be carted off to a landfill where it may never fully break down -- or even leech harmful compounds into the earth as it does break down. Wood is all natural. It will decompose naturally when you're done with it, and while a small amount of pollution may be generated by the machinery used to harvest and cut the wood, this is rather minimal. Plus, many fencing companies are careful to obtain their wood from responsible growers who plant a new tree for each tree that they knock down.

You can change its look.

Many fencing materials, like vinyl and aluminum, come in certain colors. You choose the color you like, and then you have to stick with it. (You can't really paint vinyl effectively.) With wood, however, you are always free to change the look of your fence. If you paint your home and a white fence no longer matches, you can paint the fence black instead. If you initially want a stained fence but later change your mind, you can paint over the stain.

Wood coordinates with many architectural styles.

Wood is a quintessential element in Craftsman architecture. It's also irreplaceable in rustic and country styles, and it's even becoming a popular element in the modern steam punk and industrial styles. While you can find vinyl fence materials that are made to look like wood from a distance, you can tell they're not wood when you get up close. There's no perfect substitute for the real thing.

It's easy to repair.

If your metal fence breaks, you really can't repair it yourself (unless you're an experienced welder.) Vinyl, similarly, requires professional repair. But with a wooden fence, it's easy to do simple repairs yourself. It does not take a lot of skill to swing a hammer and pound a nail back through a fence board.

To learn more about wooden fencing and why it's a great choice for your home, talk to a fence contractor in your area.