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Using Electric Fencing For Your Horses

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Owning a horse can be a great way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits associated with riding. In order to ensure that your horse remains safe and sound while in your pasture, you need access to the right kind of fencing. Electrical fencing can make a great addition to any pasture management program.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to make your pasture's fencing more effective by introducing electrical fencing in the future.

1. Use electric fencing to discourage damage to existing board and rail fences.

If you already have vinyl or wood board and rail fencing installed around the perimeter of your pasture property, you may not want to incur the expense of removing this fencing in order to install an electric model.

Horses can often damage vinyl or wood fences by chewing on them or rubbing against them over an extended period of time. Running a line of electrical fencing along your existing wood or vinyl fence will allow you to keep your existing perimeter fencing will utilizing electrical fencing to encourage your horses to stay away from your pasture's fencing.

2. Use portable electric fencing to section off larger pastures.

Many horse owners find that they need to section off a large pasture into small units for a short period of time. Whether you need to separate a sick animal or provide some privacy for a mare and her new foal, portable electric fencing could be a great option.

This type of fencing is easy to install, letting you create the enclosed space you need without adding the expense of labor or materials associated with permanent fencing options. You can also easily take down or reconfigure your portable electric fencing to meet your pasture management needs as they evolve in the future.

3. Consider investing in braided electric fencing.

The fencing material that you use to contain your horses needs to provide a sufficient visible barrier for your animals. Braided electrical fences feature conductive wires that are braided into a thicker strand of polymer rope.

By combining conductive wires and polymer rope, you are able to access a thick electric fence that will be easy for your horses to see. The polymer rope also acts to protect the conductive wire from damage, allowing you to extend the life of your electric horse fencing.

Electric fencing can provide a number of benefits when it comes to containing your horses. Be sure that you identify some ways that you can use electric fencing to make your pasture management program more efficient in the future. For more information, visit sites like