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Should You Choose A Chain Link Or Wooden Fence?

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If you want to have a fence put up around your yard, then you may find yourself deciding whether you want to go with chain link or wood. The good news is no matter what material you ultimately decide to go with, you will end up with a great fence that meets your needs. Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing which type of fence you want to install:

Do you simply want to contain pets and children?

If the only reason you really want to have a fence put up is to make it easier for you to keep your dogs and kids in the yard, then you may want to go ahead and choose chain link. It tends to be a bit more affordable, it can be put up easily and in no time at all, and it won't significantly change the look and feel of your yard.

Do you want to add an extra bit of security to your yard?

If you are more interested in adding an extra level of security to your property than anything else, then you can go with either type. However, keep in mind that a wooden fence will help keep what is going on inside of the house and yard a secret since people won't be able to see right through the fence. On the other hand, you should also consider that since chain link fence allows people to see into your yard, your neighbors can be very helpful in stopping a burglary or other issue when they see something wrong going on at your house. It would be very easy for them to call you and/or the police department to report a break in.

Do you want to add to your current landscaping?

If you have a particular type of landscaping and you want to work your fence around it, then this can dictate the type of fence you go with. If you have landscaping that has a woodsy look to it, then adding a wooden fence will further the feel you are trying to accomplish. However, if you have a very open and airy landscaping where you are trying to show off the massive amount of space that you have, then you may want to go with chain link that will allow you to keep that nice open feel the yard has. Also, if you want the landscaping to be enjoyed by those passing by, then chain link will be the better choice for you as well.

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