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Four Things To Know About Picket Fences

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Despite the reputation that picket fences have developed, they aren't just for use in wealthy neighborhoods. In fact, they can be a great investment for homes in most any neighborhood. If you're looking for a fence option for your yard, here are a few things you should know about investing in a picket fence.

They Are Low-Maintenance

When you invest in picket fencing, you can help ensure that you get the longest possible lifespan from your fencing by treating it with two to three coats of stain or protective sealant. That sealant should help ensure that your fencing stays in good condition for at least a decade. You will want to have the gate inspected once a year to ensure that it remains this way.

They Are Easy To Install

Because picket fences are so uniform and consistent, they're fairly easy to install on your own. Whether you opt for three or four feet for your fence height, make sure you level the ground before you install the fence. Otherwise, you'll want to work with a fence contractor, such as City Wide Fence Co, who can ensure that the posts are installed level, even if the property is sloped.

You Can Get Them In Any Color

Although white is the traditional color for picket fences, you can find them in most any color. Whether you invest in pre-painted fences or you decide to paint and finish it yourself, it's easy to make sure that your fence matches the color of your house trim. Just make sure you check with your local city about any color restrictions that may be in place.

They Come In Many Materials

Picket fences are available in a variety of materials, making it easy for you to get the fence that matches your landscaping. If you choose natural wood, you'll need to be more attentive to upkeep with the paint or stain. This is important to protect it against the weather. The same applies to any kind of metal material. Plastic, PVC, vinyl, and other similar materials have a longer lifespan but aren't always as easy to paint or personalize.

With the information here, you can see that a picket fence is worth the investment for your property. Before you write it off as something that's only seen in television shows, talk with your local fence installation contractor today to see if a picket fence might be the right installation option for your yard.