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Advantages Of Aluminum Fencing When Compared To An Iron Fence

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If you love the look of iron fencing, but want a more affordable option, then aluminum fencing could be the ideal solution. Aluminum fencing can be made to look just like a decorative iron fence, so you'll get the look you prefer at a more affordable price. Plus, you'll be able to enjoy other benefits as well. Here are a few ways aluminum fencing has advantages over an iron fence.

Aluminum Fencing Requires Little Maintenance

The nice thing about aluminum fencing is that you can have it installed and then forget about it. This makes it a better choice than iron if you don't want to spend much time on maintenance chores or if you have a large property and need a big fence. Iron has an attractive appearance, but it needs a lot of upkeep to stay looking that way. Iron rusts, and removing rust from intricate details on decorative fencing is tedious work. Aluminum fencing doesn't rust and when it is coated with a protective coat of color, it won't corrode, or change its surface appearance over time.

Aluminum Is Lightweight

Aluminum doesn't weigh as much as iron and this makes the fencing material much easier to work with. If you plan to install the fence yourself, you'll appreciate having a lighter material to lift and haul around. The matching gates are also lighter than iron gates so they are easier to operate and experience less stress from their heavy weight on the hinges. Because it's easier to install, you may even save a little money on installation since the process goes fast.

Aluminum Fencing Comes In Different Colors

If you prefer a colorful fence rather than the traditional dark color of iron, then aluminum is a better choice because it comes in different colors and it can be painted easily. Decorative wrought iron fences may not look appropriate painted blue or green, but a casual aluminum fence looks nice with any color. Aluminum fences can be stately when they're designed to look like wrought iron or they can be of a more simple design that is better suited for use around a play area or a kennel.

Even though iron fencing is heavy, strong, and durable, it is vulnerable to humidity and deterioration from rust. Aluminum fencing provides a high level of security while maintaining its good looks even if it's neglected. It's a good fence to use around pools or in yards with sprinklers aimed toward it because humidity and moisture don't affect the fence. When you look into the benefits and advantages of aluminum fencing, you may find it to be the best option for your needs, and even better suited than iron.

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