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Increased Violence In The Area? Install A Fence, Security Gate And More To Secure Your Business

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If there has been increased violence in the area your commercial business is in, you should take steps to ensure you do not have problems with break-ins or vandalism. The best way to do this is to install a security fence and a security gate, along with an access control system. You can then rest easy knowing you will not have problems with your business.

Install Fencing

If there is no fence around your commercial property you need to install one. There are many types of fences that can give your business appeal and provide protection at the same time.

Some fencing has security features built in but in most cases, they do not. For this reason, companies that want security add things like barbed wire across the top of the fence or fencing with electrical current that you can turn on and off. This can prevent anyone from climbing over the fence.  

You could choose iron fencing, wrought iron fencing, or chain link fencing. Iron and wrought iron offers more aesthetics but chain link does work well.

Install a Security Gate

Along with the fencing install a security gate. You should consider installing an electric security gate as it offers many benefits when compared to manual gate systems. This is especially true if you have a lot of traffic coming into and going out of your business, such as delivery trucks. This will not only save you time, but you will not have to hire someone to open and close the gate.

There are different types of electronic security gates you can choose from. What you choose will depend on the space available, as well as the size of the opening. This is because some gates require more room, such as gates that swing forward. Other gates slide out and then back in, and still others open upwards.

Consider how quickly you want the gate to open and close. You do not want to have customers sitting and idling for a long time each time they need to come to your business.

Install an Access Control System

Along with the security gate, install an access control system. This adds another level of protection. This may be a keycard which would require the person to swipe the card to gain access. There are also access control systems that have number pads instead of keycards.  

Contact a locksmith in your area about installing this type of system for your business. They can go over the different systems with you in much more detail.

Talk with a commercial fence company to learn much more about security fences and gates. Once you decide, the company can install the fence and gate system for you. You can also visit websites like