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Why Might Your Fencing Estimate Be More Than Someone Else's?

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If you need a new fence, you may hop online and look at forums and websites that provide you with information related to fencing. Many of these websites and forums will provide you with a rough estimate of what you should expect to pay for your new fence based on the size of your lot and the materials you select. But when you begin to get actual fencing estimates, you may find that your estimate is higher than what you anticipated. Here are a few of the reasons why your fencing estimate may be higher than someone else's. 

You Need a Permit

In most cities and counties, you are not required to obtain a permit in order to have a new fence built. But some places do require it. If you live in one of these places, it is important to understand the cost of a permit is not cheap. As such, you can expect the estimate you are given for fencing to be higher compared to an estimate of someone who does not live in an area where a permit is needed for fencing. 

You Have a Graded Lot

Another factor that affects the cost of a fence is whether your lot is graded and how graded the lot is. If your lot is graded, or sloped, a fence is a bit more challenging to install. This is because the fence needs to also be sloped or graded so that it looks even. If your land is level, a contractor can install the same size boards throughout and have a level, uniform look. This is not the case with graded lots, which increase the cost of the project. 

You Want a Higher Fence

The average height of a fence is six feet. However, you may want a higher fence for a number of reasons. If you want increased privacy or have a pet that may be able to jump over high fences, you may need a higher fence. The higher your fence, the more you can expect to pay. 

There are many factors that affect the price you are quoted for fencing, including size of your lot and the materials you select. In addition to this, the need for a permit, having a graded lot and wanting a fence that is higher than normal may also increase your costs. While looking online can give you a rough idea as to how much fences cost, it is always best to obtain estimates for fencing to get a clearer picture as to what a fence in your area will cost.  Contact a company, likeAaa Fence LLC, for more help.