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Install A Fence That You Can Change Over Time By Choosing Wood

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Although you may intend on living in your home for many years, you may not want to invest in unchangeable projects. If you want to put a fence around your property, you must be careful with your choices, because going with an aluminum or wrought iron fence limits your flexibility.

Changing this type of fence would require substantial time, effort, and money. But, you can add a wood fence to your landscape and feel confident about being able to change it over time.

Post Caps

When you install the wood fence in the beginning, you should not hesitate to skip post caps. Or, you can get post caps in the design that you like because you can change them in the future. The post caps should not be that hard to remove and you can have a new design constructed.

This customization option allows you to change the appearance of the fence through the years. So, when your design preferences change, your fence can keep up with your new preferences.


Wood fencing has an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to the color that you want on your property. For instance, you can get a white picket fence in the front yard. But, you will have the option to get rid of the white paint and go with a natural wood look at any time. You can also get staining to keep the fence looking natural while achieving a much darker shade.

When you are interested in making changes to the color and look of your fence, the main thing that you will need to do for preparation is pressure washing. This will eliminate all the dirt and grime that would make it a challenge for the paint or stain to stick to the wood fencing.


If residential law in your area allows you to make the fence taller after installation, you may decide later that you want to install a lattice extension. This will give your fence a different look and provide your entire property with more privacy due to the height that the lattice adds.

While picking lattice, you can choose from various designs that allow you to focus on appearance or privacy. Lattice extensions with small holes will make it hard for anyone to see inside.

By hiring wood fencing contractors to install a wood fence on your property, you should feel confident about your ability to make changes over time.