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3 Tips For Enclosing Your Patio When You Have Indoor Cats

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Enclosing your patio can be a great decision when you have a large patio that extends from your home or you're interested in having one built. Having the patio fully enclosed can be a great way to enjoy more privacy at home, but it can be even more important when you have cats that need to be kept indoors.

If you're unsure of how to begin picking out a patio enclosure, the following tips can help you enclose the patio without any issues when you have indoor cats.

Carefully Choose the Enclosure Material

Having your patio enclosed can come with a few more challenges when you have cats since their nails could damage a typical screen. Instead of having this be an issue, you need to be careful to choose an enclosure that's not going to be damaged and will remain in good condition, regardless of how much time your cats spend outside.

Choosing glass and sturdy framing can give the enclosure a more finished look and prevent any uncertainties over the condition when it comes to your cats.

Make Sure Not to Obstruct the View

Enjoying the view of your yard should be a goal to make the most of your property, but it's also important when you have cats since they likely want to see outside from the patio. Choosing floor-to-ceiling glass panels and including furniture that your cats could climb atop of can help make sure that the view won't be obstructed.

With the patio designed around the view, you can add more value to your home and enjoy the patio much more with the new enclosure built.

Avoid Insulation Issues for Enjoyment Year-Round

Instead of struggling to enclose the patio due to uncertainties over the insulation, it's best to consider the kind of weather you get year-round. Even in areas with cold winters, you can have the patio designed to be used for three seasons by making the insulation a top concern when choosing how to design the patio.

As you prepare to have the patio enclosed, you mustn't rush into just any style of an enclosure when you want durability and style to be your top priorities. When you have cats and want them to enjoy the patio as well, knowing what to prioritize can ensure that the patio is enclosed without any regrets and that you're able to make a big improvement to your property.

If you are interested in patio enclosures, contact a contractor in your area.