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Have Small Kids? Why PVC Fencing Is a Good Choice for Your Backyard

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If you want a fence for your backyard so your children have a safe place to play outdoors, consider getting a PVC fence. PVC fencing is attractive, and it's a good fence for small kids. Here are some reasons to think about having PVC fencing installed around your backyard.

PVC Doesn't Splinter

PVC doesn't deteriorate like wood does, so you don't have to worry about your kids getting splinters when they play with the fence. Since PVC doesn't decay, it stays strong and sturdy, which is important for young kids since they may throw balls against the fence or even try to climb it. Plus, you won't have the hassle of frequent maintenance to repair bad boards like you might need to with a wood fence.

PVC Provides Privacy

You could get a picket fence if you like that style best, but if you're after the most privacy, you might want a PVC privacy fence instead of a wood privacy fence. PVC fencing is installed a little differently than wood fences, so the pickets are tight against each other with few places to peek through.

This keeps your kids from sticking their fingers through the fence to play with a stray cat or neighbor dog. A good privacy fence also allows your kids to play without strangers watching them, so that makes your kids safer too.

Even if a wood fence is built with the boards as close together as possible, the boards can shift when the wood warps and gaps develop as the wood deteriorates over the years. When privacy is a big concern, you want a fence that keeps nosy neighbors and strangers from seeing inside your yard.

PVC Isn't Treated With Pesticides

PVC fencing is considered a non-toxic material even though it isn't natural like wood. The fence doesn't have to be treated with pesticides like the wood that's used for wood fencing. Wood fencing is made from pressure-treated lumber so the wood resists damage from termites. PVC doesn't need termite treatments, so the fencing is manufactured without adding pesticide chemicals.

PVC Is Easy to Maintain

Vinyl is an easy material to keep clean. You can buy vinyl cleaners if necessary to remove stains, but routine cleaning can be done with a garden hose and soapy water. Even if you have a white PVC fence installed, dirt and mud will wash off. You can let your kids play against the fence and not worry about them ruining it. Since the fencing is easy to maintain, it always stays looking nice and it is an attractive addition to your yard while keeping your kids safe.