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How To Keep Your Wood Fence Looking Great

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Are you going to get a wood fence installed around your yard, and you are loving that new fence look? If so, it will help to know what kind of maintenance needs to be done to keep it in great condition over the years. 

Stain And Seal The Wood

It is important to stain and seal the wood so that it is protected. A good way to think about it is the same reason that you protect your skin with sunscreen when you go outside. You are trying to protect your skin from damage from the sun, and that is the same reason why you would stain and seal a wood fence. 

You'll need to periodically stain and seal a fence since it doesn't last forever. The length of how often you need to stain and seal your fence depends on the products you are using. However, it is easy to test the wood. Wood that has a good seal on it is going to cause the water to roll off the surface, while one with a bad seal is going to absorb the water. If you see the wood absorbing water, it's time to do some maintenance. 

Clean The Surface

If you do notice that the surface of the fence is dirty, you'll want to clean off that dirt and debris as soon as possible. The problem with leaving dirt on a wood fence is that it is going to trap moisture underneath the dirt, which will cause the fence to be more likely to rot. At the very least, clean off the surface with a spray hose so that the dirt can be removed. When the fence looks a bit rough, you'll need to use a cleaning solution and scrub the wood down. 

Keep The Plants Away

Another way to maintain your fence is to keep plants from touching the surface. Not only does this cause the fence to get dirty and trap moisture, but you can end up with climbing vines that are quite invasive. Once they take over a fence, it will be difficult to get them off of the wood and get the surface clean again. You're better off not letting the plants come in contact with the fence in the first place to prevent it from happening.

Reach out to a fence contractor in your area for more tips on maintaining a wood fence.