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Important Information To Discuss With Your Fence Company About Getting Your First Backyard Fence

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If you're tired of your nosy neighbor watching you when you're in the backyard, it's time to put up a fence. One of the purposes of a backyard fence is to give you privacy. If you're putting up a fence for the first time, you'll probably have a lot of questions to ask your fence company. Here are important things to know. 

You May Need A Boundary Survey

Talk to the fence company about where to place your fence. Local codes usually apply to where you can place the fence in relation to your property line, setback area, and easements. You'll need to know exactly where your property line is to avoid problems with neighbors.

A survey company can come to your property and find the corner monuments or do a survey. In addition, they may need to do some research on your property records, so getting the results from the survey might take several days.

You'll Want The Best Privacy Fence Style

If your goal is to keep your neighbor from watching you, you'll want a privacy fence the neighbor can't see through. A typical wood fence made with pressure-treated boards might not be a good choice because lower-quality wood can warp, shrink, or split and create openings for your neighbor to peer through.

Your fence company can recommend a fence style for your needs that won't have gaps. This might be a vinyl privacy fence or a cedar wood fence. The style of the fence matters too. A shadow box fence that has overlapping picket boards doesn't have any gaps to peek through.

The Side Without Rails Should Face Your Neighbor

If you get a traditional wood fence, it will have a smooth and pretty side. This is the side you'll probably want to face your neighbor since it's a customary practice. The side with the rails is not considered as attractive and should face your yard. 

The Fence Company Will Measure For Supplies

When the fence company comes to your home to talk about your new fence, they may discuss options in fencing and where you'll put the fence. These two factors are important to know so the company can give you an accurate quote for the cost of the materials and installation. They'll measure the length of the fence line so they can calculate the supplies you need. Once you've signed the contract, they can order the supplies and schedule your fence installation.

Contact a local fence company to learn more.